Ghost Galaxy to bring Mindbug to North American Retail

Ghost Galaxy to bring Mindbug to North American Retail
What if your game could contain the most outrageous powerful cards, yet be balanced and interesting to play for both players? If this sounds like an impossible design challenge, you have not taken into account the devious Mindbugs.

Ghost Galaxy is proud to announce that it has entered a partnership with game publisher Nerdlab to bring the Mindbug card game to the North American market. We will be making the game available to retail in North America, be promoting the game and encouraging Mindbug Organized Play, and a variety of unique Mindbug items will be available on our consumer webstore.

What is Mindbug?

Mindbug combines the accessibility and fairness of a simple card game with the strategic depth of a complex Strategy Card Game. The result is a skill-based dueling card game that feels utterly different from all the other card games you have played before.

Even though Mindbug is extremely easy to get into, the game will keep surprising you with new and exciting challenges and combos. The unique Mindbug mechanic allows you to control your opponents’ creatures and leads to unique decision-making that requires even veteran card game players to adjust their traditional playstyle.

Outwit your opponent in a fascinating tactical duel in which having the best cards and playing them at the wrong time can be deadly for yourself.
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You may lean more about Mindbug on our product site here.